Joshua J. Rangel
drums / vocals

Born on February 16th 1980 in Seguin, TX and the youngest of two brothers. Joshua J. Rangel is the founding member and drummer of Fantacia. He started it all by getting a set of drums as a bribe from his mother to get him motivated to pass his classes in Middle School. So Joshua passed all his classes and was rewarded with a brand new drum set.

While in school he also played the trumpet for the Seguin High School marching band and took lessons from Luis Garcia a prominent Mariachi instructor from San Antonio Texas. Joshua formed the band in late 1993 with friend Miguel Carrillo and came up with the logo for the name of the group to be which his brother named Fantacia. He has always had music and rhythm in him at an early age from banging on pots and pans. Some of his musical influences are bands such as Tierra Tejana, David Lee Garza, DJ Skrew, Ruben Naranjo, Metallica, B.B. King, Mozart, Freestyle Kings, Big Moe, Charlie Boy, Los 2 Gilbertos and the Hometown Boys.

Equipment List:

  • Yamaha V-special 5 piece (Black)
  • Mapex Mapel series 6 piece (Maroon)
  • LP ridge rider cowbell
  • Zildjian cymbals
  • Remo skins
  • Promark sticks


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